MiMi P (NJ)

I got to go cruising and fishing with Capt'n Joe in June.  It was an amazing time!  The fish were biting and the lake was beautiful!  Capt'n Joe and crew were so helpful and knowledgeable.  They were very concerned with everyone's safety, but also very laid back so we could all enjoy the trip.  They were very personable and welcoming.  I highly recommend taking an adventure with Capt'n Joe.  I will be visiting Georgia again in November and I can't wait to take another boat tour with them!  

"H" (6 years old)

"I caught my first fish in my whole life and the first fish of the trip and my second fish was the biggest bass of the trip.  And I had fun!"  

Frank H (GA)

My daughter took me out for a fishing trip with Capt'n Joe's Lake Adventures as a birthday gift.  I had a great time and even caught a bass.  I will definitely be booking with them again soon.  

Ashley S (FL)

Had a great time out on the lake. It was such a beautiful ride with the mountains all around and a nice cool breeze from the boat making it perfect for the hot summer day. My 3 yr old son could not stop talking about how much fun he had the whole way home. Beautiful lake, fun boat, and nice people. Definitely worth visiting!

Cassandra M (TN)

 If you're in Blue Ridge, GA you should take a tour with Capt'n Joe's Lake Adventures. If you're not in Blue Ridge, you should go to Blue Ridge to take a tour. It's amazing! Highly recommended by this girl! 



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